Southwood Dog Training Club


25th February and 7th April.  


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2020 course dates

email:  tel: 01252 623244

Southwood Dog Training Club



tel: 01252 623244 or 07765 012577

Basic training course


Our Basic Training Course is designed to improve the behaviour of puppies and young dogs as well as rescue dogs - all breeds are welcome. The course is indoors and run over 6 weeks, covering a number of areas that enable the dog to be integrated into family life and to be well-behaved and responsive to its owner commands.


The course focuses on a 'kind-reward' method of training meaning that the dog to rewarded as its behaviour and learning increases.


As well as learning to respond to key owner commands such as sit, stay and down, the course also enables owners to learn more about techniques that will improve the relationship with the dog. There is also a weekly question and answer session where owners can ask any question to to with their dog and address any key issues or problems.


Prior to the the course, both dog and owner will attend an induction session so we can meet you and your dog and discuss exactly what you want to achieve from the course.


Booking is essential. To book your place call us on 01252 623244. or email


Course Fee -  £70

Time -  Training 8pm to 8.45pm, followed by a talk. Finish at 9pm.

Location -  Southwood Community Centre, Links Way, Southwood, Farnborough, GU14 0NA. View on a map.





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