Southwood Dog Training Club


25th February and 7th April.  


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2020 course dates

email:  tel: 01252 623244

Southwood Dog Training Club



tel: 01252 623244 or 07765 012577

One-to-one tuition

As well as the formal training, I also offer one-to-one training through Southwood Dog Training Club. This type of training is perfect if there are specific problems or issues that you would like to cover and feel that the Basic Training Courses will not be suitable.


One-to-one training can cover the following; interaction with people, interaction with other dogs, reaction to cars, horses and other animals, dominance in the home, including feeding habits or continual barking.


I'd be happy to discuss any issues that you or your dog may have and arrange for a one-to-one session, either in your home or at a neutral venue.




For this service we charge a fee of £40 for 2 hours one-to-one consultation, including travel within 10 miles of Fleet.