Southwood Dog Training Club


Unfortunately we've had to cancel

our upcoming courses due

to Covid-19.  


We're still able to offer 1-2-1 training. Contact us to find out more.


2020 course dates

email: [email protected]  tel: 01252 623244

Southwood Dog Training Club


email: [email protected]

tel: 01252 623244 or 07765 012577

Our testimonials

We recently received a fantastic testimonial from the owner of a wonderful dog called Bracken.  

What can we say...the Southwood Dog Training Club was an unbeatable find! Having been kicked out of our local Kennel Club training with our 45kg Rotti/Boxer/Lab mix called Bracken,  before we had even entered the class-room,  we didn't know which way to turn.


Our boy was a rescue dog of 2 years old  and through no fault of his own, he'd had little/no dog

interaction and so got crazy excited to meet other dogs. Trust us, when a 45kg dog starts barking and jumping about everybody will think the worst. So, wanting to give him a chance we contacted Karen who came out to meet him and perform a one-to-one to check he could attend the classes.


The fact Karen is happy to accept rescue Dogs was the first thing that attracted us.


The fact that training was positive-method training was the second thing to  convince us that this was the type of dog training our lad needed and thirdly having Karen visit and assess Bracken ahead of us arriving put our minds at rest. Bracken learnt so much social awareness it was fantastic. So beneficial was it that Karen let us come back to complete a 2nd 6 week course too. Honestly, he learnt the basics of dog training (loose lead walking, recall & obedience) but every week he had the opportunity to get into close proximity with other dogs and behave more calmly around them.


Karen was also so friendly and positive with him he loved his Tuesday night outings. In turn we started to love the outings too, as it allowed us a safe environment to allow Bracken to encounter other dogs under the experienced and watchful eye of Karen which boosted our confidence to take Bracken out more too.


We will always be grateful and as rescue dog owners, will recommend Karen & Southwood Dog Training to anyone that will listen. We travelled 30 miles each way to afford our dog the best chance to learn in a positive environment, and these days he's much better for it.


In short - Thank you Karen for giving Bracken and us a chance to socialise a big kind rescue adult dog with "issues" in a safe environment by using positive means.



Lian, Mags and Bracken